Monday, January 10, 2011

New times, new thoughts

It's time to start blogging again but not as a hobby but more like a journal. I just need to pour my thoughts out somewhere without having the guilt of burdening someone with my problems cause everyone has their own.

It's been a long time since I settled here for Uni and I even had the chance to get back home for Christmas to see my family and friends. It wasn't much of a vacation though as it was more like revision time and I couldn't help but get glued to my parents. Before I left, I didn't feel like leaving for home at all. Campus became like a home to me with my new family, my housemates. But now that I'm back, it feels like I have to struggle every single second to stay focused to not think about my family and being home. I can't skype with my parents cause they're travelling and I wouldn't want to share my anxiety with them because they are having a hard time to adjust as well. Don't want to make it anymore difficult than it already is.
Now that exams are sneaking up, the nerves have started to kick in which is normal blabla but the homesickness is worse than ever. I can't be a crybaby and moan about this to my flatmates because I'm sure they don't care. They are dealing with their own issues at the moment and no one wants hear whining.

I can't wait to get over with the exams cause after that I'll just have to make myself as busy and distracted as possible. Knowing that I won't be going home for easter and being all alone in the house almost makes me hyperventilate. I am not made to be alone but I'll just have to learn to cope with it.
Taking first step into account right now --> distraction. The perfect timing to start with my lab report!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Fashion Help!

So I'm starting university in 2 weeks and that involves "fancy dress" parties. Now, the theme selected by my peers at the campus is *drum rolls* (pun intended) Military theme!
You must be thinking, "that's not that difficult!" so I'll say, YES IT IS! I Hate that print. Eww.
I thought I'd go with Girls' Generation kind of inspired look:
SNSD-Genie : Yuri
minus the shorts.
But then..I don't have any similar looking jacket >< My Swedish graduation hat would go perfect with the look though!

I do have these pants:

which are pretty much perfect for the look but I don't know what kind of top I should match the pants with!:(

I'm going with the kind of shoes presented on Yuri's picture and I've already thought of the make-up. I'm going with an army inspired pin-up look! ♥
I was thinking of getting a cute hat to go with and accesorize with a dog tag necklace =D

Any ideas beauties? Pleaaaasse!!

Monday, August 23, 2010

One Of Those Days..

Today's mom's b'day!!! Paaaaartyyyyy Indian styyyleeee!! wohoooooo!! *wobbles head*
No ok there's no party >.> And no we didn't eat curry either >.>
But hey, it's her "36th" b'day so there are many more years to look forward to to party!! ;D

Anyway, got my package from la redoute today! Waaay! I ordered:
La skirt but le top in plain fuchsia and plain red

I also got this:

which has this:

XO It's Rain y'all! In a Swedish magazine! On the Sex and Love page!! HAHAHAHAHA~
This is weird. Knowing a k-pop artist since the past 6 yrs now and seeing him breakthrough in Hollywood and in western media.. it's weird.

And then this was just too funny.

My fist impression was "He is STILL talked about?! >.<" but then I looked closer into it and it's kinda funny really. It's Edward Cullen's facebook page which says things like "Edward Cullen likes friend asks: "Are you alive?2 "yes." And then you're not alive. :pPPppPPPp" LOL
another favourite is "Edward cullen did the "Do you have iron defiency?"" hahahaha!!!! I LOVE lame jokes! They make my day~ ^^

also got 2 new make- up products from Make Up Store ♥
Copacabana eyeliner and Pink Metal Microshadow.

The Microshadow is gorgeous!! It has this beautiful light purplish tint to it and can also be used as blush.

since the weather is wonderful today with mild sunshine that does not cause headache ♥ I'll go out and read the bible. But first,
Chai time!

Bommie~~ =3

My Wondergirl

She left today.

Thank you
I’m glad that you’re here
No matter the time
I can always smile
No matter how many years pass while we’re away from each other – Nothing will have changed
We’re Best Friends
I love you, I really love you

I’m sorry for waiting so long to say this
I was driven into a corner alone
When I hear your faint voice
I felt like I could make it
I can tell you anything
Even things I can’t tell my mom
You understand better than anyone
When I’m happy
you’re just as happy for me
And you’re the one to scold me when I’m wrong

You see through my pretenses when I’m feeling down
You’re the first to send me a caring emails
That have saved me so many times
You said I should go ahead and cry when I feel like crying
Because you’d be at my side
My greatest ally
I wonder if there’s anything I can do for someone like you?
When I figure it out I’ll race over to you,
I promise

I’ll always be praying
I want you to be the happiest person in the world

Thank you
I’m glad that you’re here
No matter the time
I can always smile
No matter how many years pass while we’re away from each other – Nothing will have changed
We’re Best Friends
I love you, I really love you

미리암아~, 정말 너무 사랑해~ V-v-v-venus!!! ;D

You fly~ ♥

Saturday, August 21, 2010

She makes wonders

My love who happens to be a graphic design geek (bless her) helped me welcome my new laptop into my world. Her name (the laptop) is Lolla and yes, she is kind of a showgirl.

Her are 2 of the desktop screens she customized to my preference:
My Super crush, Choi Siwon


I am so in love.

Oh! I booked my tickets and everything! Even got the accommodation confirmation today! Wohoo! I won't be a hobo!
On the other hand, I found out that I might not be able to do my exchange year at Seoul University. If it's God's will, then it will occur. He knows what I want and what's best for me =)

Ok, I'll go paint my nails now! Wohoo, I stopped biting my nails! Celebration for a long nailed non-hobo!!